Course Overview
The Communication Course

L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “A man is as alive as he can communicate.” And communication is a facet of life which he explored very deeply indeed, ultimately writing hundreds of thousands of words on this vital subject. Communication skills are essential in any sphere of human interaction. In fact, when all is said and done, on whatever level, communication is the sole activity all people share.

The benefits of effective communication are too numerous to list, for they enhance all aspects of life from the personal to the professional. The ability to communicate is vital to the success of any endeavor.

In this booklet you will learn what good communication consists of and how to recognize the bad, what the component parts of communication are and how to utilize them, and why more communication, not less, brings greater freedom.

Also included in this course and corresponding booklet are numerous drills that Mr. Hubbard developed to improve one’s communication level and which have great practical application to life. A thorough understanding of this data will provide you with tools you can use forever.

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Course Details

Ease of Study

This course is laid out in a step-by-step manner, with a sequence of reading assignments, essays and practical exercises.

Before you begin, you create your own personal account on the Volunteer Ministers website. Once logged in, the online program will guide you through each step of the course to full completion, with all course materials provided from within the Volunteer Ministers website.

Length of Course

12 to 15 hours. You may, however, do the course at your own pace. In other words, it is not timed. The course is our service to you, free of charge.


Booklet: Communication

or The Scientology Handbook

Your course materials are also integrated within the online course. In other words, once logged on, you may read the materials from within the online course program as you do each step. We do, however, recommend that you download for free or purchase the booklet, to review and refer to when you are not logged into the course program.


Through the length of your course, you will receive supervision from your personal online course supervisor, who will help to ensure you understand and achieve the maximum benefit from the course materials. The end result is that you are fully able to apply the data contained therein. If you have any further questions, contact us here.


Each assignment you turn in will be graded by your course supervisor. In the event that any of your assignments need correction, your supervisor will send them back to you, with direction on what to review and correct.

Course Completion

Upon completion of The Communication Course, you will receive a hardcopy certificate by mail.


The services of our online courses are always available to you. If at any time you need assistance with your course assignments, do not hesitate to contact your online course supervisor, whom you can reach using the 'Need help?' button in your online course program.

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Success Stories

“We are all involved in some sort of communication in our day-to-day lives, but the real meaning of communication is what I learned in the online course from the Volunteer Ministers. By definition, I only knew that communication means getting across ideas and information to another person and for communication to take place, it should originate from an individual and be transmitted to another who receives it and acknowledges it.

“After completing this course, I learned the real purpose and importance of communication. I learned not only how to communicate effectively, but also how to get myself recognized by using an effective means of communication. I have also learned the cycles of one-way and two-way communication.

“This course definitely helped me to improve my work efficiency. I am a secretary in the healthcare sector and communication is one of my main duties. It was really of great benefit and was truly a great experience completing this course. I thank you, Volunteer Ministers, for providing this great opportunity.” — K.K.

“This booklet was most interesting in the sense that a person thinks 'I communicate in one way or another every day, what's more to learn?' Communication is crucial, and this booklet taught me exactly how to communicate effectively. What's more effective then saying what you mean, and actually being understood by other people?

“It taught me how to look for signs in other people that say they don't understand, and how to communicate properly so they will understand. It's so interesting that the book shows you different kinds of communication and teaches you how to improve on them as well as gives you the knowledge about them. So many people think that if they're talking, they're communicating, but there's so much more to it!” — A.F.

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Why Do This Course?

Trouble communicating?

Do you ever feel like you're talking but no one is listening? Do you have trouble getting your ideas across to others?

Communication skills are essential to everything we do in life. In fact, when all is said and done, on whatever level, communication is the one activity all people share.

The benefits of effective communication are too numerous to list, for it enhances all aspects of life from the personal to the professional. The ability to communicate is vital to the success of anything you want to do in life.

There is an exact formula for communication which, when understood and applied, results in an increased ability to communicate. And here too are drills anyone can do to improve personal communication skills and thereby enjoy greater success in every area of life.

Find out:

  • The precision definition of communication
  • The exact anatomy of any breakdown in communication
  • Drills to enable you to comfortably communicate with anyone
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